Air time, fun time


De retour

I had to pack my bags earlier than I though -_- I’m traveling light as usual haha. During the last race @pitztal, the Russian kid and I still think that I crossed that finish line first after a really tight heat, but the judges would not change their minds 🙁 When there is no photo finish or timing, it makes it hard to protest. All I can do is to get ready for the next battle. I guess you need to be able to loose before you can learn to win. This one is hard to digest, but I’ll be back.

Racing time

Is it racing time yet or what?! These past months, I’ve been pushing my limits physically, technically and mentally for the upcoming races. It’s now time to cross that finish line first and earn what I worked so hard for. Thanks to the great team who’s been surrounding me.

Entrainement à Pitztal

Just walking around the valley after an awesome day of training in Pitztal. The track is fast, I’ve always loved this Schnitzel country.


POW POW days are the best. Thanks to mother nature for this awesome day in Hintertux, Austria


#tbt to one hell of a training among others. The body feels great right now. Can’t wait to get back on snow and push the limits again.

Entrainement intérieur

L’entraînement se déroule super bien malgré une chute dans mon dernier camp en Argentine. 255lbs au bench press, un nouveau record personnel! J’ai bien hâte aux tests physiques.

S’amuser dans les bois

Ça fait du bien de prendre une pause de l’école et s’amuser dans les bois.